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Erica  Sofrina

Speaker, Teacher, Author, Consultant

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Erica Sofrina is an Internationally Recognized Speaker, Educator, Author, Interior Design and Feng Shui Consultant.


International Speaker

Erica has inspired International audiences as an advocate for creating inspiring environments that move our lives into a place of joy, harmony and abundance. Her own story of how she made the transition from a safe, yet uninspiring life as a corporate executive to running her own successful business has made her a sought-after speaker and Life Coach. She speaks on many subjects including Feng Shui for Contemporary Lifestyles, Green Living, Mind, Body, Spirit-Living, Downsizing our Life, Creating Sacred Space in our Homes as well as subjects pertaining to Women in Business.


Interior Design, Staging and Feng Shui Specialist. Erica works with clients both on-site in Northern California or remotely-in locations all over the world, to create inspiring, uplifting and harmonious living and work spaces. She is also a Staging and Redesign expert and combines her professional training in Interior Design and Feng Shui to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones!



Founder of the West Coast Academy of Feng Shui. Erica is the Founder of the West and East Coast Academy of Feng Shui which offers Feng Shui Practitioner Certification training programs both on-site and in Home Study.  She gives her students the tools to create fulfillment in their lives by arranging their homes and work places in a way that supports the unfolding of their deepest desires. Taught from a western perspective that is easy to understand and apply, Erica's school has certified many hundreds of students from all over the world who have found fulfilling lives as Feng Shui Practitioners.


Author: Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World. Erica is a master at translating the complex into simple language that everyone can relate to. He book demystifies Feng Shui and shows how these profound, simple truths can be applied to great benefit in our contemporary lifestyles.


Founder Earth-Spirit Adventure Travel: Her Passion has also been to take people to sacred energy sites around the globe to experience their deep earth-spirit connection. Through her company Earth Spirit Adventure Travel, you can join Erica on spiritual journeys to Hawaii and Bali  and deepen your own connection to the earth through exploring some of the earths most powerful and magical sites! If you are interested in Transformational Travel that awakens the body, soul and spirit, join us as we explore the world together!


International Blogger- Erica Sofrina has been the Feng Shui and Green Living Columnist for Care2.com, the largest on-line community of people involved in green living and progressive causes with over 23 million members. Erica posts weekly articles on care2.com covering subjects on Feng Shui, Green Living, spirituality and living a holistic lifestyle. You can follow her weekly blog at:  http://www.care2.com/greenliving/author/ericas


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