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Self Guided Seminars for Home Study

Introduction to Western Feng Shui
Welcome to the wonderful world of Western Feng Shui! In this seminar you will be introduced to the core concepts of Feng Shui presented from a Western perspective that is easy to understand and apply. Subjects include subtle safety issues in our environment that profoundly affect, clutter and why it is important in Feng Shui and Environmental Affirmations – how everything in your environment is forming your future! Learn to see your home in new eyes that will consciously set the course for a new life direction! (Cd  PDF Format requires Adobe Reader)

Price : CD $9.99 plus S&H 


The Feng Shui Five Elements -  Using the Power of Nature to Balance your Home. Now Also Available in E Book.

The Five Elements is a core component of the Feng Shui teaching. Learning how to apply and balance the Five Elements in your home can be the difference between just surviving to thriving in life. Do you feel over expanded and over whelmed in areas of your home? You will learn how to diagnose the elemental imbalances and create a balanced home that supports, nurtures and uplifts all members of your household!  (Cd  PDF Format requires Adobe Reader) 

Price: CD $9.99 plus S&H      

 Five Elements Seminar E Book Purchase Now 

Price: EBOOK $7.00 instant download      

The Teaching of the Bagua - Unlocking the Energy Centers in your Home
In Feng Shui we learn there are centers of the home that hold the energy for all of the key areas of our lives. In this powerful teaching you will learn how to apply the Bagua map to your own space and locate these energy centers. A comprehensive Bagua training that will give you tools for diagnosing the 'hidden' messages in your home that may or may not be serving your highest aspirations, along with the information to help arrange your space to support all that you want to bring into your life.(Cd  PDF Format requires Adobe Reader)        

Price: CD $9.99 plus S&H    


PURCHASE ALL THREE CD SEMINARS listed above for $25.00 plus S&H! In written CD- not Audio


  • Introduction to Western Feng Shui
  • The Feng Shui Five Elements
  • The Teaching of the Bagua