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See what our students are saying about our programs at the West Coast and East Coast Academies of Feng Shui

Dear Erica,I have to say again how much I enjoyed your course and enjoyed working with you so closely.  You have a rare talent to be able to "be" Feng Shui, "do" Feng Shui, and also "teach" Feng Shui as well as run a successful business.  Those are such diverse skill sets and you excel in all of them! Thank you again for putting together such an engaging and powerful program!

K Reeves, Menlo Park, Ca


" Dear Erica, I wanted to write and tell you how much I have enjoyed your Home Study Practitioner Certification Program!I was attracted to your program as it offers a practical approach to Feng Shui with a clear explanation of theories and practices of Form Schoo. The course being broken down into 4 lessons with explanations, exercises and mentoring sessions allows a steady progression of learning with clear understanding.Thank you very much for the mentoring! I would recommend our program to anyone interested in learning more about Feng Shui!"

Wendy Lyn, Brittish Columbia

"This program offers a full understanding of Feng Shui basics by introducing you to the underlying concepts of this complex world of energy. This program opens up the door to an awareness of our environments and our life. I sincerely recommend this to anyone that is seriously pursuing a career in Feng Shui. It gives you the tools to really make a positive impact on somebody's life, which is a very rewarding experience. Thank you Michelle. I thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality, giving nature and positive energy. All the best to you!"
-Veronica G, Ft.Lauderdale, FL

“Thank you so much, Erica, for being such a wonderful inspiration. I can’t believe I learned so much just through a 4 day course and re-reading your book like a bible! Since the training I have moved to New York and completed my new apartment which really changed my life! Friends say there is this wonderful energy as soon as they walk in, and I met the man of my dreams? which I attribute to Feng Shui! You have taught me so much..thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

- Karen V
New York City

“I thought I was simply signing up for a Feng shui Certification Class, but Erica’s workshop was such a special gift in so many ways. I am deeply grateful for the awareness and changes she brought to me and my life.”
With Love and Gratitude,
- Sandra, Bend, Oregno

“I just wanted to send a brief note to thank you, Erica, for the most amazing four days! Not only did I enjoy myself thoroughly, but I gained and learned so much. Thank you again for the life-changing and transformative experience!”
- Linda K
Mill Valley, California

“This class was so inspiring and fun! From day one I was totally intrigued by everything and can’t wait to get home and put my own house in proper order. Thank you Erica, you are the best!”
- Tina R
Oahu, Hawaii

“I truly enjoyed my time at the training. Not only did I learn about Feng Shui, but I meet the most wonderfully inspiring women. This has given me the courage to take the next step in gaining my heart’s desire. Thank you Erica!”
- Lilly Anne M  
Chicago, Illinois

“This was a fantastic course! Love Half Moon Bay, love where you had the training ( very classy) Love your energy, Erica - you are making a difference in the world!”
- Karla M
   Boulder, Colorado

“Thank you, Erica, for sharing your depth of knowledge. You have a teaching style that is extremely interesting and puts people at ease. I especially enjoyed hearing about actual experiences you have had … you are a natural teacher and I am so grateful for the privilege of taking your classes.”
- Billie T
   Seattle, WA

“The information was invaluable and organized and I loved the order we learned everything and felt all of my questions were promptly and accurately answered. I was not expecting to come away from this with a new perspective on life, business and manifestation. I thank you for this opportunity to expand my mind and open new doors to my future and business. Many blessings and Namaste.”
- Tana D  
Monterey, California

Erica, I have been energized to move forward with this calling. You are a fabulous teacher and a great inspiration!”
- Michelle Tampa, Florida 

“The presentations were wonderful, lectures were easy and clear to understand, material covered was thorough, you were warm and friendly and lovely! Thank you for helping me reach my dreams! I am thrilled!”
- Jenny Dunton 
Aptos, California

“I am grateful for your openness and positive energy, your willingness to share your experiences and knowledge and enthusiasm. I also felt respected for what I brought to the class and felt that you did a wonderful job honoring the student’s knowledge. Not all teachers can do this! This program has been such a blessing, bringing a sense of purpose and centeredness to my life. It was informative on a mental plane, but was also a spiritual experience that was transformative. I feel empowered to make the changes I need to in my life and environment. I am energized!”
- Jennifer Cole 
Campbell, California

“The information was very easy to understand and questions were thoroughly answered. I really feel like I understand the information well. I loved it that the focus was on the positive. So many books focus on the negative aspects and your open positive approach really resonated with me. It was worth every penny!”
- Danielle Harris
   Chicago, Illinois

“This was really an amazing class! I felt like all the things I’ve read in books have now become real to me. The pictures and real-life examples made it come alive for me. I feel like I could go and work with confidence!”
- Shelley Crowder 
Pasadena, California

“Erica - I feel very fortunate to have found you as a teacher. I feel much more confident about my skills and have a better understanding about everything. Thank you so much for your time, clear way of presenting and the great food spread!”
- Erica Becker  
Reno, Nevada

“This experience has been very enjoyable and a transformational experience. I felt the intensive program was the perfect pace and amount of time for me. It provides a solid foundation from which to grow and continue to learn and evolve. Great chemistry between the group and you - what a dynamic leader and teacher! Thank you!”
- Deb Murray   
Aptos, California 

“Matthew was an amazing teacher. I was very intimidated about studying classical Feng Shui but his simple and practical teaching style made it easy to understand and apply. Thank you, Matthew, for your warm, engaging and humorous teaching style. I definitely will be back to take more classes from you!”
- Michele L
 Miami, Florida