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Erica  Sofrina, Founder and Seminar Facilitator



 Come Explore our Earth Spirit Adventures!



Our Group at the Kalani Retreat Center




Our view of the flowing volcano from Kalani



Our Beloved Fire and Water Teacher Kumu L'eina'ala at the Pele Blessing Ceremony,

Volcano National Park




 We will view the spectacular Lava Flow at night




Offering Ceremony to Pele. Kumu Invoking the Rainbow at the Crater's Edge




 Brother Kimo leading an Ancient Ceremony



On the way to our Swim with Wild Dolphins



Our Boat Excursion to Swim with Wild Dolphins


Me Swimming with Three Amazing Dolphins, they swam so close they

were touching my shoulder!


Roberta Goodman, Our Fearless Leader and Dolphin Guide


Just one of the many Spectacular Waterfalls we will see!


 On our Waterfalls Tour


Our Host Erica Sofrina, founder of Earth Spirit Adventure Travel


Drumming on our Hike to Swim in the Falls


Akaka Falls tour


 Meditating at the Exotic Hawaiian Botanical Gardens



Jill Goldreyer, our Teacher and facilitatior for the Wood Element


Listen to the Voices of the  Ancestors deep in the Ancient  Rainforest



 Part of our Group at Lava Tree National Park



Connect to Nature Spirits and Earth Devas on the Wonderful Park-like Grounds at Kalani


 Our Group at the Magical Wood Valley Tibetan Temple with Kumu

after our Volcano Ceremony


 Cerce Meditating at the Magical Wood Valley Tibetan Temple


Kumu conversing with the wonderful Tibetan Monk at the Temple

Magical, other-worldly trees at the Temple, proof that this magical

place is from a higher dimension



 The spectacular Thurston lava Tube for our Earth Element Adventure



 Ceremony on the Cliffs before Entering the Goddess Cave


 Babbette's Aura Glowing as she exits the Goddess Cave



Spontaneous Dancing by the beautiful Rena after our Dolphin Swim


The Grounds at Kalani


Our Ocean View at Kalani


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Exotic Earth and Spiritual Travel Retreats

Earth Spirit Adventure Travel Retreats
with Erica Sofrina

Part of my passion is to take people to sacred energy vortexes on the planet that create an environment for spiritual renewal to take place. Powerful indigenous teachers and healers of the area take us into deep experiences of the land, the elements and the traditions of the people who inhabit it.  I have been taking groups to the Big Island of Hawaii for several years on my Five Elements Immersion Retreat

Our experiences swimming with wild Dolphins is just one of the many life-changing adventures I shall never forget. If you are interested in opening to your deep earth-spirit connection, I invite you to join me for these powerful, transformational retreats and  adventures!

Upcoming Spiritual Adventure Retreats planned for Bali and Peru Dates TBD
Please send me an e-mail if you would like to be on my mailing list for these  spiritual travel retreats

e-mail : erica@ericasofrina.com


A spiritual journey into the sacred and magical places of Bali. This is my new retreat that is currently in development. Come join me as we visit sacred sites of Bali and immerse ourselves in the amazing people and places of this sacred place. More details coming soon. Send me an e-mail if you are interested in hearing more: erica@ericasofrina.com

Five Elements Immersion Retreat 

 A Magical Earth-Spirit Immersion in one of the Most Powerful
Energy Vortexes
on the Planet!


Adventures: Fire | Water | Metal | Wood | Earth


Price: $2800 9 days, includes almost everything except Airfare!

From the moment you arrive, you will experience the magnificent rejuvenating power and energy of the Islands. Come and experience 9 days and 8 nights, of an unforgettable earth-spirit  journey into the heart of the Big Island Hawaii!

Learn about, and immerse yourself in the powerful five elements at the heart of Feng Shui and many healing modalities.You will lean how to access Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal in an experiental way that will transform the way that you see the world!

  • Surrender to the healing properties of Water as you swim with Wild Dolphins, our great teachers of joyousness, love and connection
  • Dance the Earth’s Wisdom in the Ancient Volcanic Caves of Pele


  • Experience the transformational properties of Fire in the flowing Lava Fields at the heart of the Po’s ‘Oyo Volcano. Experience a fire blessings and Initiation from our beloved Kumu Leina'ala, Kahuna high priestess in the Laka Order; descendants of the brother of TuTu Pele & Hi'iakaikapole'opele


  • Listen to the voices of the Ancestors deep in the Ancient Rainforest and learn how to communicate with the plant kingdom as you experience the deva's that protect and nurture them.
  • Open to the teachings of the Metal Element as you bake on hot rocks after swimming in pristine tropical waterfalls. We will tour some of the most spectacular waterfalls of Hawaii!
  • Sink into a blissful Hawaiian Hot Stone massage and enjoy the many forms of massage available to you at the Kalani Retreat Center  

  • Awaken to the mystic within, learn to connect to your spirit guides and tune into your body's intuitive healing powers

Experience daily adventures and nightly inspirational seminars presented by Master Teachers and Healers from the Islands, and beyond. We will stay at the beautiful Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center on the Big Island of Hawaii located deep within the ancient rain forests of true Hawaii.

  Send me Information

Call to Register 1800 557-9181

This Comprehensive price of $2800 includes all lodging (double occupancy, shared bath) most meals, all seminars and teacher and transportation to and from all adventures. Airport transportation to and from the Kalani Retreat center not included but can be arranged with them directly.

$300 Deposit deposit upon enrollment to hold your space. Please download Application form and fax, mail or e-mail to address on form.

If you would like a private lodge room with a private bath, you can pay an additional $400. Please e-mail questions to: erica@ericasofrina.com
Payments: $300 deposit due upon enrollment. 50% payment due 90 days prior. Final total payment due 30 days prior to departure.

  Send Me Information!



Hear From Our Past Retreat Participants

"Erica you are amazing Lady, Facilitator and Leader! I had the wonderful opportunity to go on Erica’s 5-Elements guided retreat last year. It’s was profoundly magical and an experience of a lifetime. Thank you Erica, you are a blessing to all who know you! "

Circe Griswold Reiki Master - 2012 Participant



“This was a transformational, magical and profound experience I shall never forget. You must do this seminar!” Karen K - (October 2007 seminar participant)

" Swimming with wild Spinner Dolphins was something I had only dreamed of! We had an incredible experience, with hundreds of them swimming through and around us with their babies.  I can't tell you what this meant to me to have this experience, Erica. I will never forget it! Linda L (July 2009 Participant)


" Our experience with Kumu at the Volcano was truly out of another dimention. To see her invoke the rainbow and watch it move from the center of the crater over her head was something I would never believe if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. With each experience I though it couldn't get any better,  but it did, over and over again!"

Marsha B.  (October 2008 group)


"I never really thought that plants and trees had a consciousness but after this experience I will never look at them in the same way again. I can't believe the miracles I walked by each day without seeing them in the past. I can't explain it but I now feel connected to the earth in a new way that makes me want to do more to preserve and protect it. I will always be grateful for this amazing experience!"

Mike C. ( June 2009 Participant)


I am not sure words can express how transformational this trip was for me. You called it a spiritual adventure, and it was all of that and more. I still can't quite believe that I did this trip by my self and met all of these incredible new people who will be life-long friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything!

Janice B. 2010 Participant

There was so much that was beyond belief, but my experience swimming with wild dolphins was truly incredible. I communicated to them that I would like to join them and experience what it was to be a dolphin. Suddenly they surrounded me and I was swimming like them and moving with their pod. I will never forget the gift they gave to me that I never in a million years could have imagined. Thank you for this truly phenomenal trip Erica!

Gertraud Mondel. Reiki Master, Vienna, Austria 2012 Participant

I thought this would be good but I was not prepared for phenomenal! The time spent with Kumu was a pinnacle experience. The incredible day at the volcano, the magical time with her at the other-worldly temple with the peacocks and ghost trees, and, of course the dolphins. Wow! to have had that sweet connection swimming with them and their babies. The word that came to mind was that they were like little Buddha's, so serene and filled with joy and wisdom.


Robert M. 2011 participant




Five Elements Immersion Retreat

The Fire Adventure
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Fire … our connection to passion.

The Fire Element is active and pulsating and is bright like the hot mid day sun and reminiscent of the peak of activity. It is our spirit and spark and our zest for life represented in our passion and creativity. Fire is intimately connected with the Earth element for its ashes become Earth, and it is nourished by Wood.

Our Fire Adventure:

Our group will go to Volcanoes national park where we will view the newly active Kilauea volcano at the crater’s rim. Erupting for the first time since 1982, an ash-laden plume rises dramatically from the new crater at the summit of Kilauea.

As we stand on the rim of the crater of the newly active volcano, our revered teacher Kumu L'eina'ala will lead us in a sacred ceremony to honor Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire. We will have prepaired offerings which will be ceremonially thrown off the crater into the fires of Pele as Kumu invokes the elements and Pele's blessing. We continue on to a Temple to receive a blessing from Kumu of Pele Ashes of Ola Healing and the Gift of the Celestial Ointment. A profound experience that will connect you to the essence

of fire itself.

  Our Fire Element Teacher - Kumu L'eina-ala


Kumu L'eina'ala

Kumu is a Kahuna high priestess in the Laka Order; descendants of the brother of TuTu Pele & Hi'iakaikapole'opele. Before Kumu was born, her Great-Grandmother, TuTu Ono, a revered Kahuna High Priestess, predicted her destiny. Throughout her childhood she was kept hidden and was trained by her great-great grandmother the wisdom of the healing arts. She was groomed from a young age to be a healer using the ancestral knowledge in the healing tradition of HawaiianLapa'au Wisdom and Medicine.

Kumu is a revered Hawaiian teacher and one of the most powerful workshop facilitators I have ever experienced. As we stood at the rim of the crater overlooking the volcano, Kumu sang, danced and beckoned the rainbow to move from the bottom of the crater over our heads (see picture). When I asked her how she did it, she replied with a sparkle in her eyes 'I know how to control the elements'. Your experience with Kumu is guaranteed to be transformational!

Visit Kumu's web site


 Connect to view pictures of Volcano National Park.


Five Elements Immersion Retreat
Water Adventure

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 Water...our connection to Spirit

The Water Element is represented by the spirit realm. It is the energy of floating and stillness. It is from the depths that we often receive our most profound insights. It represents mysticism, the soul, the depts of nature, meditation, flowing, trusting in a higher order, synchronicity and the ability to surrender to faith in the universal flow.



Kumu l'eina'ala, revered teacher and Medicine Woman

During our entire stay we will have multiple opportunities to experience guided meditations in and around the Water Element. You will have an opportunity to luxuriate in a Watsu water massage, a healing experience that will transform every cell of your body. With our snorkeling gear we will swim in  fabulous tide pool with colorful tropical fish and giant sea-turtles. We will go to the other side of the island where we will meet our boat and swim with wild (free) Hawaiian Spinner dolphins, our great teachers of joyousness, love and spontaneity.

Our Guide for the Dolphin Swim is Roberta Goodman

Roberta Goodman

Roberta Goodman worked for many years with Dr. John Lily, the famed researcher and explorer who did cutting-edge experiments with dolphins that showed their profound intelligence and sophistication. Roberta designed and performed communication experiments with the dolphins at his Human Dolphin Foundation lab at Marine World/Africa USA in Redwood City, California. She co-founded Cetacean Nation with Dr. John Lilly. This is a movement to recognize the rights of whales and dolphins as sentient beings. With her truly visionary understanding of the role of dolphins in human evolution, Roberta is the most loving, exciting, and inspirational dolphin guide.

Roberta will prepare us to swim with dolphins in the wild. She is considered to be one of the Island's foremost "Dolphin Whisperers'" and truly cares that we humans have a most amazing contact with the cetaceans in the wild.   

Visit Roberta’s website at http://www.wilddolphinswimshawaii.com.


Five Elements Immersion Retreat
Metal Adventure
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Metal… the building block of our structure.


Metal is a product of the earth and is represented by products of the earth such as stones and the natural metals that grow out of the earth. Metal is a symbol of endurance and strength, and is intrinsically connected to the Earth Element. It also holds the energy for the water element. 

For our Metal Adventure we will take a Waterfall tour giving us a resplendent view of the countryside and the plentiful waterfalls found at the north end of the Big Island of Hawaii. We will experience the deep connection between water and metal as we view and swim in some of these magnificent falls. We will also have a number of opportunities to meditate on the stones and learn how to access their ancient wisdom.



Our Presenter for the Metal Element will be Jill Goldreyer and Erica Sofrina

Five Elements Immersion Retreat
Wood Adventure
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Wood… embracing growth and expansion.

Tree is the ultimate expression of the wood element the movement of the energy of a tree is upward and outward. It is about the ability to receive inner guidance, expansiveness, new growth, and open mindedness. It is associated with new beginnings, the rising energy of a new day, the springtime and the sunrise.

For our wood adventure we will experience the wisdom and teachings of the tropical forests and plants that so richly grace the Hawaiian landscapes. You will be taken on a guided meditation deep in the Rainforest's to meet the plant devas and elementals that protect and nurture them. We will be lead into a meditation where we will access the spirit of tree energy in beautiful and mysterious Lava Tree National park.  We will also tour the magnificent Hawaiian Tropical Gardens, a magical fairly land, literally! Here you will marvel at the incredible variety of unusual plants and flowers that grace this beautiful landscape and experience the Elementals, Devas' and Nature Spirits that guard, nurture and protect this sacred space.

Our presenter for the wood adventure is Jill Goldreyer, healer and teacher of plant-spirit medicine. At various times throughout our retreat Jill will be leading us to a  place where you can experience your deep connection to the tree and plant kingdom and teach you how to access earth energies by demonstrating how to connect with earth Devas', Elementals and Plant Guardian's who allow us to unlock the secrets of our planet.


About our Facilitator for Wood, Metal and Earth

Jill Goldreyer

Jill Goldreyer has been a multi-dimensional healer practicing Plant Spirit Medicine, Five-Element Acupressure, and shamanic journeywork for the past 15 years. She has a passion for connecting people with the heart of nature, where all true healing takes place. 


Jill works with clients in her private practice in Sebastopol, CA, and remotely over the phone. She has also been an instructor at the prestigious Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium and numerous other venues, teaching plant spirit and nature communication skills.

Find out more about Jill from her web site at  www.painreliefandbeyond.com


Erica Sofrina, Founder and Guide

Erica Sofrina

Erica is the Founder of Earth Spirit Adventure Travel.

As our guide, she accesses her life-long journey of learning and teachings of shamanism, the Kabala and other ancient mystery traditions. She sets up a sacred space for participants to open to their deep connection to mother earth and the richness of the elements of fire, earth, wood, metal and water.

She will guide participants in meditations and rituals to experience first-hand what these life-sustaining elements mean as they discover their own relationships to the plant Devas' and Elementals; the gardeners and caretakers of the earth.

Erica is an Internationally recognized speaker, teacher and author and the Founder of the Academy of Feng Shui. She has been taking groups to Hawaii since 1907 and is passionate about her students having a life-changing experience of the elements on a deeply personal level.

Erica states ' Hawaii is really the heart-beat of the mother. I can't imagine a more powerful place to experience the transformative power of her elements which are in such joyous abundance in this magical place! My great joy is to witness the transformative power of nature as each participant experiences and opens to their essential-self and the joy that is unlocked as a result of their own personal revelations'.

Erica is also the author of the book:

Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World.





Five Elements Immersion Retreat
Earth Adventure
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Earth… our connection to mother earth, who sustains us on all levels.

The Earth Element has to do with the physical material world. The rich and nurturing energy of the goddess with her thriving and life-giving groundedness. It is about fertility, practicality, sensuality, stability and being present in the moment and grounded in the body.

The Earth and Fire Elements are intricately connected. Fire creates Earth when it disintegrates into ashes. For Our Earth Adventure, our Hawaiian Guide Kimo will lead us in a sacred Hawaiian offering on the cliffs before we enter the Goddess Cave for our Earth ritual. On another day we will visit Volcano National park and explore the ancient and dramatic Thurston Lava Tube. We will have many more opportunities to open to the Earth and all of her teachings at this retreat.

 Kalani, Hula teacher and ceremonialist

 Kimo, Hawaiian Cultural Director at Kalani



Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center
12-6860 Kalapana-Kapoho Beach Road
Pahoa, HI 96778

For more than 30 years Kalani Oceanside Retreat has taken its inspiration from the spirit of Aloha, a sense of care, respect, and hospitality to guests and locals alike. Located on the lush, tropical southeast coast of Hawaii, the Aloha State’s “Big Island,” Kalani celebrates nature, culture, and wellness with adventures, wellness treatments, workshops, delicious healthful cuisine and comfortable accommodations.
 There are comfortable accommodations for up to 132 guests (lodges, cottages, tree houses). The communal dining lanai serves healthy, delicious cuisine in an atmosphere that encourages the sharing of aloha among guests, volunteers and staff.
 Kalani is more than just a retreat, it is a vibrant ohana (family community) of guests, volunteers who live at Kalani for one to three months, staff, and people on the Puna Coast.
To learn more about Kalani, visit
www.kalani.com, A magnificent retreat facility you won’t want to miss… come and share the aloha at Kalani!

Tel. 800-800-6886 or 808-965-7828


Enjoy the New Internet Cafe and Gift Shop at  the Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center

Meditate by the Resting Buddah at Kalani


Dancing to the Drums by our Bonfire at Kalani



Kumu l'eina'ala Medicine Woman and Teacher