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Erica  Sofrina, Founder

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Motivational and Public Speaking Seminars with Erica Sofrina

Recent Public Speaking International Events:

Vienna, Austria - Keynote Speaker at Die Energethikerstadt , Vienna's annual State Sponsored Conference on Alternative Healing 


Recent National Events: 

Emerson Climate Technologies for EECT Emerson Employees Coming Together, Sydney, Ohio - Feng Shui for Modern Lifestyles, Nov, 2013


Santa Cruz, California - Keynote Speaker for The 9th Annual Women's Leadership Forum sponsored by the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce

Speaking Subject: "Who will teach the important lessons? How you can influence and be influenced." The importance of women mentoring women in the workplace.


SFDC - Candace Barnes Studio, Opening of Winter Market - Feng Shui for Western Design (San Francisco Design Center) February 2013


Epic Wines - Aptos California - Feng Shui for Mind, Body and Spirit - Feb 2013


CCIDC - San Mateo, California - Downsizing as a Mindful Practice

March 2013

About Erica Sofrina:

Keynotes, Seminars, Presentations and Workplace Trainings

Erica Sofrina is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, teacher, author and entrepreneur. Her inspiring articles are published weekly in the international journal Care2.com with a readership of over 23 million members.


Her own story of how she left the corporate world to find her calling and subsequently created a successful school and business has been an inspiration to thousands of women.


Erica is also an Interior Design and Feng Shui Consultant and speaks passionately about how our living and work spaces can be created in such a way that they empower rather than disempower our lives. She is also a Professional Organziner and speaks about Downsizing as Mindful Practice.


She is also the founder of the Academy of Feng Shui and divides her time between her motivational speaking engagements and teacher her Feng Shui programs. Her acclaimed book' Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World is a simple and easy guide on how to create peaceful, inspiring homes through using a western version of these tried and true principles.


Erica is also a Life Transition Coach and has inspired and assisted hundreds of clients seeking work that reflected their true calling. 


Erica will work with you to create a message that is relevant, informative and inspirational for your own audience and group.

Feng Shui, Professional Organizing and Interior Design Seminars

Erica also has a  deep understanding of the relationship between people and the spaces they inhabit. Her ability to articulate the impact and significance of this in our daily lives has captivated audiences around the globe.


Erica imparts the importance of the “person / place” connection and how your surroundings impact your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing that shape your life experiences. She also spent 20 years in the corporate arena and knows first-hand how powerfully employees are impacted by the companies they spend most of their quality time in. She presents Feng Shui from a Western 'Modern' framework that is easy to understand, learn and apply to both homes and businesses.


Some of Erica’s presentation topics include:


Imagine the Impossible Things

In this inspiring seminar Erica will talk about how to use the imagination to create the life you truly want. Inspired from Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts challenged Alice to 'Imaging six impossible things before breakfast'. In this seminar you will find powerful tools to help you create all that you can imagine in life.

Downsizing as a Mindful Practice

When we were in our 20's and 30's we were in the accumulation mode. We had young families and were caught up in the endless cycle of taking care of others and accumulating the things to support it.  The problem is that everything we take into our homes, has to be taken out again by someone, sometime. By the time we are in mid-life or older, we are burdened by the endless mounds of stuff from our past lives, along with that of our children and ageing parents. 

In this seminar you will learn invaluable techniques that will suppor tyou in downsizing your life and help you move towards a more mindful, joyful and sustainable way of living.


Feng Shui for Western Design

Learning the basic concepts of Feng Shui is an invaluable tool for Designers and Architects, allowing them to bring a deeper level of harmony, balance and integration into their clients lives and work places. Workshops range from one hour, half day to a full day depending upon how deeply the group would like to go into these fascinating concepts that are easy to learn and apply concepts.


Feng Shui for Mind, Body and Spirit

This is a wonderful seminar for a company retreat day, providing practical, inspiring and transformational tools for your employees that will be useful and transformational in both their work and personal lives. They will learn how to apply these simple yet profound concepts to bring their entire lives into alignment by focusing on simple, practical and useful concepts for their living and work space.


Feng Shui For The Western World
An introductory Feng Shui seminar designed to give the participants a comprehensive summary of how they can personally apply Feng Shui to their own environments. This seminar can be customized for your specific group or organization. Articles  Link to All Erica's Articles on the topic of Feng Shui


Brown Bag Feng Shui for the Office

Come learn how to Feng Shui your office or cubicle and exprience how simple and inexpensive changes to your space will positively impact your every-day life. A one hour, lunch-time workshop for businesses.

Integrating the Powerful Five Elements Into the Home and Workplace

The more nature in represented in your home and workplace, the happier you feel. Learn about the powerful Feng Shui Five elements and how to balance them in your home and work. Article



Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui

Feng Shui gives us powerful tools to create living spaces that lift our spirit and  feed and nurture our souls. In this seminar you will learn how to create a living space that inspires you to create just such a space. We will cover the subjects of bringing nature into the home, space clearing and more!

Article     Article 


Using your environment to shape your life

The direction of your personal and professional life can be greatly impacted by initiating changes within your home. Erica will teach you how to arrange your home in such a way that everything in it is workign with you to attract to you all that you desire in life. Article


Some of Erica's Motivational Topics Include

(Pease link to the published articles Erica has written on these topics to get flavor for what kinds of subjects she will address)


The Importance of Mentoring (link to article)

We don’t cultivate and value Mentors in our western society.  Few of us were lucky enough to have parents who were mentors and could teach us about the important ways to navigate through life. Most of us learned these crucial  lessons on our own, feeling like we are were up a stream without a paddle. Erica's inspirational stories will demonstrate the importance each of our lives play in mentoring the lives of the younger ones who are coming up.


Women Mentoring Women, who will Teach the Importat Lessons?

Women's role as mentor/teacher in the emerging partnership Paradigm. In this seminar I will discuss what women inherently know how to do, as opposed to the patriarchal paradigm which is about 'power-over" that is breaking down rapidly in every area of our society.


Random Acts of Kindness as a Spiritual Practice

Often what we are called to do is take care of what shows up on our path each day, not the big heroic acts. Hear inspiring stories of random acts of kindness and learn how it is often the giver who receives the greatest benefits.  Article    Article     Article

The Emergence of the Sacred Feminine

In ancient cultures the Goddess was worshiped as the ultimate expression of life and birth. These concepts were valued and the culture thrived as this Partnership model of shared power encouraged working together for the common good. These vibrant cultures were overtaken by the Patriarchal model of physical strenght and power-over with war and might as the values to be worshiped. As the Patriarchal model is breaking down, the Partnership model is coming back in all areas of society. In this seminar Erica discusses  the strengths and attributes of the Partnership model and how women can and are the force behind an exciting new Paradigm shift in western society.



The Healing Benefits of Connecting With Nature

The more often we connect with nature, the happier we are. Learn simple, doable and effective ways to connect more deeply to the earth on a regular basis to boost a deeper sense of well being in your lives.    Article      Article


Finding Your True Work

We all have work we are called to do.This seminar will help you unlock what that is and how you can make a living doing it.

If you have a specific topic you would like Erica to Address, please e mail her at erica@ericasofrina.com

Call 800 557 9181